Why is my content being blocked?

All content registered with Audible Magic is by default set to “Block” across all platforms.


If you are a current rightsholder and would like your default business rule changed to "Allow" on either a global, platform, or asset level, please refer to the following article: How do I update my business rules?


If you are certain that either your feed or a particular asset is set to "Allow" and you are still seeing your content blocked on partnered platforms, please refer to the helpdesk template below.


If you are an artist who has not personally registered with us, please note that anyone with rights to the music recording can still register your content with us. If your content is being blocked, we recommend reaching out to your label or distributor to see if they may have registered your song with us on your behalf. Additionally, if you have recently left or switched either your label or distributor, you should reach out to them to confirm they have issued a takedown for your content in Audible Magic’s database, while also requesting the new distributor to register it with an "Allow" rule.


If you own exclusive rights to your content and have no knowledge of who may have registered it with us, please refer to the helpdesk template below.


How to contact helpdesk template

We understand that in certain instances the same content may be registered with us by two different parties with two separate sets of policies, either by a label and the artist, a distributor and the label, an old label and the new one, etc. Or content that has never been registered with us is still being blocked on our partnered platforms.


In order for us to properly investigate the issue and to expedite the process, we ask that you please provide the following when opening a support ticket:

  • Track title
  • Artist name
  • ISRC
  • The media file of the original work (.mp3, .mp4, .wav, etc.)
  • The media file for the video/audio content that was either blocked or muted


Once we receive your ticket our team will investigate the issue and return our findings to you.


Please note that Audible Magic does not arbitrate any ownership disputes and any conflicts must be resolved between the two parties themselves.