What kind of content can I register?

By registering content with Audible Magic you agree that you have sufficient rights in the content to be able to register it for content identification.

Here are guidelines to help you understand the rights you must have:

  • Must have exclusive copyright rights to the material in the specified territory
  • Do not register:
    • Content licensed non-exclusively from a third party
    • Content that has been released under Creative Commons, or other free licenses
    • Any public domain content
    • Parts of your content that contain clips from other sources even if considered "fair use"
    • Examples of content that do not meet these guidelines include:
      • Royalty free music
      • Video game play
      • Karaoke recordings that contain the original master recording
      • Sound effects
      • Digital loops
      • DJ mixes of other music
  • For movies and episodic television, the media file must be stripped of any embedded commercials that precede or follow the work before fingerprinting.
  • If you are the owner of the rights to a commercial, and have exclusive rights to all of the audio and visual assets, please register it as a separate work.
  • Deliveries must contain robust metadata in accordance with most recent Audible Magic and industry standards.