What are Duration-based rules?

Duration-based rules enable our TV/Film rightsholders to set a minimum threshold of time before a content identification is made. Duration-based rules can be applied to any asset registered in the Audible Magic TV/Film registry and on any platform that has implemented this feature.

  • Duration-based rules can be created during the initial ingestion process or by submitting a helpdesk ticket here.
  • Duration based rules must be a minimum of 30 seconds and cannot be over 10 minutes in length
  • Duration-based rules might not be advisable when registering short pieces of media

Common reasons for using duration-based rules

  1. Promoting content on social media platforms. For example, you are a movie studio and would like snippets of your new movie to be allowed on Facebook, but blocked if it’s longer than the specified duration.
  2. Rightsholders often have complaints from people using small portions of their content. These complaints can be time-consuming and costly.  By setting a Duration-based rule, the rightsholder can reduce the amount of complaints.


If you have any further questions regarding duration-based rules please contact support@audiblemagic.com