How do I update my business rules?

If you're a tv/film studio who registers video content and you'd like to update the business policy for a specific asset or set of assets, please submit ticket via helpdesk using the following guidelines: 

SUBJECT: Business Rule Request – Company Name – Video Title – Vendor ID – Platform(s) (Or all Platforms). 

BODY: Start Date to Allow: MM/DD/YYYY 

Duration/End Date of Allow Rule: Example: 72 hours, in Perpetuity, MM/DD/YYYY, etc. 

*For bulk rule updates, we ask that all vendor IDs/video IDs be separated by commas and not hyphenated nor containing any additional words, punctuation marks, or details (i.e., video: US-ROXXX-XX, audio: USROXXXXX), or (AEUMXXXXX/AEUXXXX).