Test Licenses and Features


Developers may access the Audible Magic Content ID SDK for testing and evaluation with one of the test licenses listed below. Use the Paypal links below to purchase the appropriate test license to meet your needs:

  • Basic Developer - test our services against a small set of pre-defined content.
  • Basic Plus Developer - access to a sandbox to test against our standard content databases.
  • Custom Developer - provides everything in the Basic Plus license and allows you to submit custom content to a remote database service.
  • Technical Support Incident (TSI) - a request for code-level support. Available to Audible Magic developer portal members.

These licenses are for internal testing and evaluation only - they do not include licenses for a production release (internal or external) of your applications.

Any subscription fees paid for a Developer Test License will be applied towards production service contracts.

Please note: Help Desk operates between the hours of 9am - 5pm PST (Monday - Friday, excluding holidays). Any purchase made outside those hours will be processed on the next available business day.




Click here


Basic Plus


Annual Subscription Cost Account creation required $499 USD $1,499 USD $4,999 USD

Signed Test License Agreement is required

Audible Magic's SDKs, API, Documentation, Sample Apps, Content Registration Information, and FAQs. Intel® INDE information

Pre-defined configuration file for local ACR  
Application Briefs  
E-mail Support  
Free Technical Support Incidents ($249 for each additional incident) 0 2 8 unlimited
Access to Live TViD testing service (3.5 hour archive)    
Support for Local Databases with more than ten minutes of content    
Access to Copyright Compliance testing service    
Customized configuration files to match your use cases    
E-mail and Phone Support    
Design Consultation for application development and deployment      
Custom content ingestion (database size limited to 10 hours)      


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