Content Registration for Independent Artists


Copyright holders "fingerprint" and register their media catalogs with Audible Magic's information services to express how they want their works treated by Internet sites and other forms of digital distribution.  For more information about what registering with Audible Magic can do for you, please link to

Self-Registration using the Content Registration Portal

The sophisticated content identification technology that has been used by the media industry for years is now available to independent recording artists. Audible Magic offers a web-based tool at the Content Registration Portal to allow you to upload and fingerprint media files as well as the identifying information associated with each file.

Once content is registered, any subscriber to Audible Magic information services will be able to identify that content when it shows up in their systems.  They then take action to protect copyright holders according to the individual policies of each subscriber company.  

Audible Magic information services subscribers include social media sites, user-generated content sharing sites, cloud file storage & sharing sites, college and university campus networks and disk replicators to prevent the unauthorized posting or transfer of registered content.

Getting Started with Content Registration

1. Register at the Content Registration Portal
2. Follow the easy to understand process

If you’d like to fingerprint more than 500 works, consider using an Audible Magic registration partner.

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