Content Registration for Media Companies, MCNs, and video owners with medium to large catalogs.


(If you have a smaller catalog of works, you should consider using our simple Content Registration Portal. The process described in this article is appropriate for organizations with larger catalogs.)

Rights holders "fingerprint" and register their media catalogs with Audible Magic's information services to express how they want their works treated by Internet sites and other forms of digital distribution.  For more information about what registering with Audible Magic can do for you, please read

Content Registration Tools for Professional Organizations

Here in the Audible Magic Help Desk, software tools and processes are provided for professional media organizations to integrate content registration into their release and distribution workflows. These are simple tools. To use them you must be able to:

  • use software utilities launched from a Windows or Linux command line interface
  • create an XML file containing the metadata for each work being registered
  • use SFTP services

If your company does not have the above technical expertise, please consider using an Audible Magic registration partner.

Getting Started with Audible Magic Content Registration

If you have not yet created a user for this help desk, then do so now. Simply click Submit A Ticket at the top of this web page and follow the instructions. Put "Content Registration" in subject line of the ticket.

Here are the steps to access content registration documentation and software downloads:

  1. Please read and sign this agreement:
  2. Following the submission of your first Help Desk Ticket, you will receive an email providing a link to register for an Audible Magic Help Desk account. 
  3. Please register for your Help Desk account using the same company email address as above.
  4. Your signed documents and Help Desk registration will be reviewed for your company affiliation. New registrations are reviewed every business day. 

Upon registration approval, the Help Desk will guide you through the registration process.

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