CSA: GR custom template for tailoring the message based on the violation type


GR custom template for tailoring the message based on the violation type

This article outlines the steps to tailor the Graduated Response (GR) message based on the violation type as seen by the user.

The process requires the use of a new Style sheet that has been made available by Audible Magic on the Stop-OnLine-Piracy.com web site. This new stylesheet is called gr_sanction_site3.xsl and can be used in lieu of the current stylesheet used by most customers - gr_sanction_site2.xsl.

Please follow these steps to use the stylesheet and make the necessary modifications to the font color in HTML

  1. Log in to your CopySense Appliance and go to the SetUp tab, followed by “Messages” and then “Web Page Layout”

  2. Scroll down to “Message Stylesheet” and replace the existing URL with


  1. Then go to the “Message Templates” tab and add the follow DIV entries to the Violation Level 1, 2, 3, and 4 main messages; as appropriate

<div id="CertainCopyrightMessage">
<b>Certain Copyright Violations Found</b>
<div id="CertainCopyrightCyberlockerMessage">
<b>Certain Copyright Cyberlocker Violations Found</b>
<div id="LikelyCopyrightMessage">
<b>Likely Copyright Violations Found</b>
<div id="LikelySexMessage">
<b>Likely Sex Violations Found</b>
<div id="LikelyChildSexMessage">
<b>Likely Child Sex Violations Found</b>
<div id="LikelyGRBlockListMessage">
<b>Likely GR Block List Violations Found</b>
<div id="LikelyP2PUploadingMessage">
<b>Likely P2P Uploading Violations Found</b>
<div id="UsesEncryptedClientMessage">
<b>Uses Encrypted Client Violations Found</b>
<div id="UsesAnyP2PClientMessage">
<b>Uses Any P2P Client Violations Found</b>

  1. Only those DIVs which have corresponding user violations will be displayed

Here is an example of a student who has shared a number of files and the corresponding violations that have been highlighted in bold


Bonus Tip: If you would like to highlight some of the violatations in a different color to highlight and draw attention to the more egregious violations (e.g Child pornography, Pornography, copyright content in “red”), you could add the font color using HTML to the DIV commend, e.g:

<div id="LikelyChildSexMessage" font-color=RED>


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