Content Registration for Smaller Record Labels and Distributors


Copyright holders "fingerprint" and register their media catalogs with Audible Magic's information services to express how they want their works treated by Internet sites and other forms of digital distribution.  For more information about what registering with Audible Magic can do for you, please link to

Content Registration via a Service Provider

Record labels and distributors with content catalogs ranging from a few hundred to a few thousand titles typically register content with Audible Magic via an authorized service provider.  These authorized partners have adopted Audible Magic software tools into their workflows and provide content registration as well as other services.  

Working with a service provider saves the content owner from needing in-house  resources with the technical skills required to implement Audible Magic fingerprinting software.

Organizations that have a technical resource who is comfortable with Windows or Linux command line manipulation and can use an SFTP service may not need a registration partner. For more information about using Audible Magic software to manage content fingerprinting, see Content Registration for Media Companies, MCNs, and Video Owners in the Audible Magic Help Desk.

Getting Started with a Content Registration Partner

1. Examine these content registration partners: CI, FUGA, Sony DADC.
2. When you have found an appropriate content registration partner, contact them and tell them you would like to use their services to register content with Audible Magic.

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