Getting Started with CopySense or Verifi Appliance Support


The CopySense or Verifi Appliance resources within Audible Magic's online Help Desk are only accessible to authorized users. Once authorized, you will be able to sign in and retrieve all available resources. You will also be able to review your past or open support tickets. 

For general information about what the CopySense Appliance can do for your network, please link to  

For general information about what the Verifi appliance can do for management of DMCA notices please link to


CopySense or Verifi Appliance Support for IT Professionals

Here in the Help Desk, documentation and support articles are provided to assist registered users in getting the most out of their CopySense or Verifi Appliance. All of this information is searchable using the Help Desk search field. The Help Desk also provides a direct link for you to submit requests to the Audible Magic Client Services team. Support requests or questions are submitted via Tickets. Registered users can return to the Help Desk to review their latest Ticket status.

Register for Access to CopySense or Verifi Appliance Resources

If you are already registered with a Help Desk user name and password, you may simply sign in and bypass the following steps.

If you have not already registered, here are the steps to get Help Desk access to CopySense or Verifi Appliance resources:

  1. Submit a Help Desk Ticket with a sentence that enables us to identify the institution you represent. If you have any questions or issues to report, you may also include them in the ticket request.
    • Note: please submit the ticket using your organization’s email address. Requests from free email services (gmail, yahoo, etc.) will be asked to verify their business affiliation, which may require additional correspondence.
  2. Following the submission of your first Help Desk Ticket, you will receive an email providing a link to register for an Audible Magic Help Desk account.
  3. Please register for your Help Desk account using the same company email address as above.
  4. Your Help Desk registration will be reviewed by the Client Services team for your company affiliation. New registrations are reviewed and approved twice per business day.  Please allow time for processing.

Upon registration approval, the Help Desk will expose all CopySense or Verifi Appliance documentation and support articles. Look under the CopySense Appliance category of the Help Desk home page.  Click on "My Tickets" to view your past and open tickets.

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