Registering Your Content with Audible Magic


Today, thousands of companies are registering content to Audible Magic. Companies such as NBC Universal, Universal Music Group, Walt Disney, Warner Music Group, Sony Music, Viacom, The Orchard, CI, FUGA, PIAS, Beggers, Finetunes, and many others.  

As a rights owner, you must register the works you control with Audible Magic to obtain the benefits of our compliance, licensing, and monetization services.  

In most cases, registration is free or at a very low cost. You can register any works you own or control, including music (sound recording and/or compositions), movies, television shows, live broadcasts, and other audio/video media.  

There are four ways in which to register works you legally control with Audible Magic:

  • Bulk Submission
  • Live Submission
  • Content Aggregator
  • Registration Portal

Bulk Submission

Bulk submission is intended for the following:

  • Companies with a large catalog and process a significant weekly volume of adds and/or changes.
  • Companies planning to integrate registration with their own content management systems.  

How it Works: Audible Magic provides a SFTP location for transferring metadata files (DDEX, CWR, AMXML, or other approved formats), along with media files and/or digital fingerprints. In addition, Audible Magic provides the AMSigGen tool to generate fingerprints from the original media. We recommend submitting actual media files, but it is not required. Audible Magic prefers submitting media files in order to take full advantage the Audible Magic Content ID technologies. 

Your content is identified by the Audible Magic services within two hours of receiving a complete transmission.

To get started with registration using AMSigGen, visit the Content Registration for Media Companies and Service Providers help page.

Live Submission

Live Submission is intended for submitting live television broadcasts. Open a support request if you are interested in this method of submission.

Using a Content Aggregator

We recommend using a content aggregator to small record labels or companies with limited technical resources.

How it Works: CI, FUGA, and Sony DADC are set up to register recordings directly with Audible Magic. If you are interested in delivery through one of our DSPs, here is the contact information:

If you are already using a specific DSP that is not yet an Audible Magic partner, ask them to contact support at

Content Registration Portal for Music and Video

We recommend using the content registration portal for music and video to small record labels, artists, and video rights owners with up to a few hundred works.

How it works: Using the self-service web registration site,, you can upload your recordings, music videos, and other videos. Verify if anyone else has previously registered your works, and then register your recordings directly yourself. This website that will replace MyRightsView.


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