Can I allow some of my content on some sites but block it on others?


At any time, content owners who have registered their content with Audible Magic can register business rules which instruct our customer sites on how to deal with the uploaded file. The typical rules are "Block", "Allow", and "Share". The default is "Block". These rules can be set to be item-by-item and on a site-by-site basis. For instance, you can set the rule to "Allow" for some songs on one site, but leave it at the default "Block" for everyone else. 

To update the business rules for your content, Submit A Ticket to the helpdesk. For music, you need to provide us the ISRC. For TV/Film, you need to provide us the video ID. 

Please note that our customers each manage their copyright infringement policies and procedures differently, so Audible Magic cannot guarantee that business rules will be implemented uniformly across all sites that allow sharing of content. If you have content that you would like "Allowed" on a single site or all, please open a support ticket and be sure to include the pertinent information about the TV/Film so that an agent can make the update.

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