Why is content blocked when I didn't register it with Audible Magic?


To promote their music, more and more recording artists, small music labels, DJ’s remixing existing music, and individual users upload music, and videos onto UGC (user-generated content) and social media sharing sites.

These sites use Audible Magic services to check uploaded files for works that have been registered with us.

A site might block an upload because our service identified a registered work and the site believes it is a copyright violation. Naturally, this can frustrate people who don’t know how these sites operate and why uploads are blocked.

Audible Magic provides media identification services to most leading sharing sites including Facebook, Soundcloud, MySpace, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Metacafe, Break, eSnips, and Veoh. However, Audible Magic does not control their copyright compliance policies or procedures. 

Here are common examples and helpful solutions:

“But my upload is my own creation.”

Sometimes users add tracks from their music library to a video they upload. Audible Magic’s technology is intended to find any registered music or video soundtrack. Our technology can even find registered works playing loudly in the background of a casual video. These cases may be considered copyright infringement by our customers.

Solution 1: Use only licensed music for your videos. Search the internet for “royalty free music” and you’ll find numerous sources of licensed music. It’s usually inexpensive, too. Many sources are even free.

Solution 2: Use a media editor to replace the soundtrack at the point where the registered audio is found.

“But I never registered my recordings with Audible Magic.”

Only an entity who holds the rights to a sound recording can register that content with Audible Magic.

Sometimes, the owner of the rights to a sound recording designates another entity to manage those rights - perhaps a music label or distributor. Perhaps the original owner of the rights to a particular sound recording sold or assigned those rights to someone else. While the creator (i.e. artist) may not have registered the content themselves, the creator’s record label or distributor or MCN may have.

Solution 1: Check with your record label, distributor, or MCN to see if they registered your work with Audible Magic. Companies that register with Audible Magic include Universal Music, Warner Music, Sony Music, EMI, The Orchard, IODA, PIAS, Merlin, Tunecore, Sony Pictures, NBC Universal, Disney, Viacom, Fox and many others.

Solution 2: When a site blocks your upload you can ask them for the exact reason for the block. If they say it was identified by Audible Magic, then ask them for the ISRC or the Audiblemagic unique identifier that was identified. You can then submit a ticket to our helpdesk with this information. We will tell you what entity registered the work with us.

“I want the copyright protection offered by Audible Magic, but I don’t want my material blocked on a certain site.”

Content owners who have registered their content with Audible Magic can register business rules instructing our customer sites to "Block" or "Allow." The default is "Block." "Allow" lets anyone upload and share the content without restriction. These rules can also be made site-specific.

Solution 1: Contact your record label and/or distribution partner to change the business rules on your work.

Solution 2: If you want only specific, designated people to be able to upload your content to a site - while all other users are blocked from uploading - then you must contact that site. Our customers do not allow us to provide user-by-user business rules. Ask if the site allows “white listing,” the ability to authorize specific users to upload content without a copyright compliance check. If so, then ask them to "white list" the user(s) you want to upload your content.

“I’ve created my own unique mash-up.”

Using any part of a copyrighted work, even if it’s just a few seconds, may infringe on a copyright.

Solution: Some sharing sites “white list” specific individuals, such as popular DJs, to upload mash-ups but this is done by the site, not Audible Magic.

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