Delivering content directly to Audible Magic

Bulk content deliveries directly to Audible Magic is intended for the following:

  • Companies with a large catalog and process a significant weekly volume of adds and/or changes.
  • Companies planning to integrate registration with their own content management systems.  

How it Works: Audible Magic provides a SFTP location for transferring metadata files (DDEX, AMXML, or other approved formats), along with the associated media files and/or digital fingerprints.

We prefer that you send us the media files in order to take full advantage of Audible Magic's Content recognition technologies.

You also have the option to use the Audible Magic proprietary AMSigGen tool to generate fingerprints yourself and sending the fingerprints to us. We recommend submitting actual media files, but it is not required.

Notify your Audible Magic account manager that you prefer to submit content directly to Audible Magic